• What is IPFS – DNS bridging?

IPFS bridging assigns domain names to IPFS hashes and linked with top-level domains.
  • Why should I use a Dot Hosting bridge?

Dot Hosting bridges are useful if you wish to share your IPFS pages with people simply and easily. Once, registered, the addition of .hosting to your pre-existing domain is all it will take to navigate to your website. Without the need for a specialized browser or plugins!
  • What’s the catch?

No catch! Dot Hosting bridges provide a useful means of introducing the uninitiated to content on the IPFS network and helps bring about growth in IPFS sites by simplifying access to them.
  • Does a Dot Hosting bridge cost anything?

As the promotion of IPFS technology is the goal, for end users this is a free service. That said, power users should contact Dot Hosting in order to satisfy business-level needs.
  • How long does it take to propagate an IPFS hash?

Propagation of DNS records for domain holders can take anything up to 24 hours. This time may be reduced in future as a result of service optimization.
  • I’m not sure I understand how to properly register my domain’s IPFS hash with the Dot Hosting. Can you help?

The video on this page illustrates the process by which you can generate a .hosting URL for your unstoppable IPFS domain, allowing you to share it with the world!

Video Tutorial